Hotel Security

Heavy Armour Security provides hotel security and resort security. Our experience in hotel security allows us to create a security plan targeted to a hotel’s specific security needs. We provide the training for our hotel security guards that is required to secure these properties. We understand the nature of the hotel industry. Heavy Armour Security works closely with hotel staff to create customized security plans that focus on guest relations, advanced planning, and preparation for all contingencies.

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True value comes with attention to detail. Customer service in hotel security is a very important detail.

Guest safety is key to the reputation and success of a hotel chain. A security plan for a hotel must focus on securing hotel assets yes, but more importantly securing the safety of the hotel’s guests and staff.

Common Hotel Duties

  • Hotel Parking Enforcement & Monitoring
  • Hotel Risk Management & First Aid
  • Hotel Vandalism Prevention
  • Prevention of Hotel Criminal Activity
  • Natural Disaster Assistance
  • Hotel Terrorism Prevention
  • Hotel Lock Up
  • Hotel Safety Consultation

Attention to these hotel security duties lessens the probability of claims due to real and alleged circumstances and provides a positive comfortable environment for everyone. Basic elements of security can be done by hotel staff, but nothing beats an on-site security guard. Bot only does the hotel benefit from the guard’s experience, hotel staff can also focus on the guests without the distraction of security concerns.

The hotel security guards and United Security are trained for hotel security assignments. They work as an extended part of the hotel staff in two ways; one – they act with courtesy and professionalism treating both guests and staff as customers, and two – the coordinate and communicate with hotel staff as part of a team.

Hotel Security Planning

It is important that the hotel property is walked by a professional to identify hotel security needs that may have been overlooked. Not overlooked because hotel staff doesn’t know their hotel, but our security consultants have put together security packages for hotels numerous times. They have seen problems and gaps and by that experience, their suggestions bring added value. Let’s put it this way, a circumstance may not have occurred at one property but may have at another we have managed. Our hotel security consultants bring this knowledge and experience into a proactive solution to make sure this circumstance does not occur anywhere else. We have dealt with it and prepared for it.

Hotels industry-wide are exposed to security risks. Prevention is a matter of education, preparedness, and diligence. Heavy Armour Security is the hotel security resource to deliver all of these elements. We take a hotel’s reputation seriously and hotel security is a key part of that.
The industry experience together with keen customer service is what makes United Security a great hotel security services provider.