Top Armed Security Guards Services in Texas

Heavy Armour Security provides highly trained and professional security guards. Our armed guards go through strict training which allows them to carry a weapon and offer a higher level of protection for you, your employees, and your assets. We know how important it is to keep your business safe, and that’s why companies hire us for our armed security guards, to deter criminal activity from happening to your property. Some businesses are a bigger target to crimes and unwanted activity; many times these are the businesses that take advantage of our armed security offers and their armed security training.

We provide security guard services in the All counties of Texas

Premium Security Guards Services All Over Texas 24/7

All of our Texas armed guards must be U.S. citizens who have passed their firearms training courses. When in a situation where an armed security officer is beneficial, United We Guard is your best choice!

Our armed guards are trained and excellent with their firearms. There is no reason to worry about anything when you are guarded by one of Texas’s best security guards. Whether it’s like you’re protecting or a material object you’re protecting, our armed security services will keep you safe.


I can definitely say that I’d recommend United Security. The team was critical to us dissecting the issues we were having with our past security company to be able to develop a new security program. Additionally, the team’s knowledge of security strategies and clear communications was extremely valuable. Overall, I really enjoy working with United Security…they help us have peace of mind.

Brian Owens
I am the project manager and I hired United a month ago. We have a guard stationed at the construction site and have a patrol three times every night. They have been doing a terrific job every problem we have encountered has been solved by the supervisors. I recommend this company to all construction companies.
Michael Jenkins
United has been covering our shopping center every day for the past year and a half. Their services are great and both guards are always alert during their shifts. Also, their patrol units are very effective when they come by in their police-looking cars. They know members of our local police department and ever since we have hired them there hasn’t been much theft or vandalism. I recommend them to anyone who has a shopping center in need of security.
Daniel Romero