Best Security Guard Services

Heavy Armour Security has been a security industry leader for over two decades. With our premium security guard services in various industries, we have become the first choice of many with sound experience and paramount staff. With extensive training and professionalism, our security officers serve all the facilities with dedication. We provide security guard services in the following counties of Texas:


Paramount Security Guards Services All Over Texas 24/7

Our security solutions provide maximum protection of your interests whether they are in private security, facility security, event security, security systems or one of many other security guard services we offer. We pride ourselves in customer service and providing great value. Our management system has been structured to assure that our field operations establish a safe and responsive environment for our clients. Our training keeps our security guards at the top of their game, both in service and in technology.

Our vision is to provide security services that deliver peace of mind. Contact us today to receive your security consultation with one of our skilled and experienced security consultants.

Reasons to Choose Our Security Guards Company

24 – 7 Management

24 – 7 Management

Our Heavy Armour Security team never sleeps. We provide our clients with Professional Security Guard Services and access to dedicated account managers and a local state of the art Security Guard Dispatch Center 24 – 7.
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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Our investment in technology has put Heavy Armour Security ahead of the game. We utilize the most advanced and sophisticated security tracking systems in Texas.
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Field Supervision

Field Supervision

Field Supervisors randomly visit each site in support of our professional security guards to assure our security team is consistently delivering to surpass client expectations. Our security guards are briefed on new rules, regulations, policy changes, uniform inspections and equipment inspections.

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Specialized Divisions

Specialized Divisions

We provide premier security services in Texas to a wide range of industries. Our security divisions include Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Patrol Security, Loss Prevention, Event Security, Executive Protection and Bodyguards.

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Create a Difference with Professional Security Guard Services

We are a dedicated firm providing fire watch security services to various departments with full-service solutions and value. Right from deployment, you will get high-security services as all the guards are trained, professional and experienced. We leave no department untouched where we don’t provide our top-notch security guard services. From banks to hospitals, schools to malls, we have you covered. We are providing outstanding services in various counties of Texas with complete dedication.

No matter what the industry, Heavy Armour Security guarantees to have a solution for you.

Armed Security Guards

Security and protection sometimes means carrying an armed weapon. Get the benefits from our most comprehensive armed security guard services. We train our guards to deter and prevent crimes from occurring at your place. Armed security guards are often deployed in high risk areas.

Unarmed Security Guards

Our unarmed security guards services will help secure your people and property through continuous vigilance, patrolling, access control and monitoring. Unarmed security guards are in places usually at low risk facilities.

Mall Security Guards

Security guards are an integral part to the functioning of a mall. We train our security guards to perform many functions and responsibilities in the mall in order to keep operations running smoothly. Our security guards will help prevent criminal activities, maintain order, patrol the property and offer emergency response.

High Rise Building Security Guards

The role played by a security guard often goes unnoticed by the public. Our high-rise security guard services include prevention from theft, robberies, break-ins and other criminal activities at your businesses and in homes. The security guards stay vigilant and protect their clientele from all problems.

Event Security Guards

To enhance the security of your VIP guests and general public at events organized by your company, you need trained event security guards. Our security guards provide protection and assistance for attendees at events like parties, entertainment venues, promotional events, corporate meetings, etc.

Fire-Watch Security Guards

Our fire-watch security service will provide you with protection from a disaster. If you have a non-working alarm system, extreme fire hazard sources, etc. your site is more prone to fire hazards. Our fire-watch security guards are trained to identify hazards, check equipment, keep logs, contact the fire department and take the necessary emergency actions.

Highly Qualified and Trained Security Guards

Heavy Armour Security aims to ensure the presence of experienced and qualified security guards or a team of security services in and around your facility. We offer high quality security services for various purposes, such as witness protection, event management, corporate security, hospitality security and personal protection.

Our security personnel are well trained to act and take charge of difficult situations while possessing all the quality traits.

Our Home Owners Say

“Heavy Armour Security are great and both guards are always alert during their sifts. Also, their patrol units are very effective when they come by in their police looking cars. They know members of our local police department and ever since we have hired them there hasn’t been much theft or vandalism.”
Daniel Romero
“I am the project manager and l hire heavy armour security a month ago. We have a guard stationed at the construction site and have a patrol three times every night They have been doing a terrific job every problem we have encountered has been solved by the supervisors.”
Michael Jenkins
“I can definitely say that I’d recommend Heavy Armour Security. The team was critical to us dissecting the issues we were having with our past security company to be able to develop a new security program. Additionally, the teams’ knowledge of security strategies and clear communications was extremely valuable.”
Brian Owens

Industries our Security Company Proudly Serves

Crime is a major concern for all types of businesses and organizations however; some might require high-tech security with armed guards while others need security guards for patrolling and monitoring the site. With different companies having different concerns regarding security and protection of people and property, we offer security guards services as per their unique requirements. We understand every business is unique; we prepare and train our security guards to combat the issues in smart and intelligent ways.

Partner with One of the Best Security Guard Companies in Texas

Apart from these, Heavy Armour Security serves a myriad of industries with our top-notch security guard services in various locations in Texas. We leave no stone unturned to provide training and guidance to our guards to protect your facilities and implement a safe environment. Reach out to us today to join hands with one of the best security guard companies offering solid defense assistance for your business, residential and private events.

COVID-19 Access Control Screening Security Solutions

As many companies adjust to the “new normal” of providing both safe and secure access to their properties, Heavy Armour security is delivering COVID-19 crisis-specific expertise that is immediately available. Based on these experiences, we have deployed an extensive set of best practices for COVID-19 access control screening.

  • Social distancing enforcement.

  • Face mask enforcement.

  • Temperature screening.

  • Maximum occupancy enforcement.

  • Queue monitoring.

We strive hard to protect your people from all types of miss-happenings and criminal acts. We care about your health; we prepare our guards to help companies follow all the rules and regulations amid COVID-19 to protect employees and customers. Our security guards follow every guideline while operating in the facilities designated to them.