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Security Guards

Welcome to Heavy Armour Security Guard Services. We are your Go-To security guard Services company for any type of security guard services in Houston, TX and surrounding cities. We offer armed guards, unarmed guards, loss prevention officers, CCTV monitoring guards and Suit and Tie front desk security officers. We are there for you 24/7 for Security guard services in Houston, TX.

Feel Safe and secure at all times trust the preferred security guard company that calls Houston, TX Home

No matter where you go, safety should always be a priority. With Heavy Armour Security you don’t need to worry. We are the leading security guard company in the Houston, TX area that is proud to call Houston Home. We have been doing Houston proud for more than 20 years, we are happy you are here and we will be grateful to be of service to you. We go beyond the installed security systems that local home or office building security have to offer. This is because we provide the best in-person professional guards to keep you, your assets, employees and guests safe and secure when it matters most. Call us today to get a quote or arrange for a totally free consultation

about Security Guards

Not sure what type of security service you need? We can help you select the right tactic based on your budget and on-going vulnerabilities.

Providing Top Tier Security Solutions.

Not every property is the same, so the Security strategy and tactics should not be either. Fortunately, we offer a variety of security services solutions in the Houston, TX area to meet your needs. With more than 20 years in the Security Services Industry, we can provide exceptional professional guard services in these areas:

1. Patrol Security Services

We will patrol your property on foot or golf cart or any other motorized vehicle of your choice.

2. Security Guard Services

We will provide you with State of Texas approved and professionally trained Armed or Unarmed guards to perform your approved Security Guard function

3. Loss Prevention Services

We will provide you with detail-oriented professionally trained guards to proactively patrol the floor of your Retail Store to prevent theft by your employees or customers.

4. Concierge Security

We train and equip our guards with all the necessary technics, tactics, technology, finesse and customer service tools that they need for the suit and tie security personnel at your entry front desk to provide new employees and guests directions inside your office building and to screen visitors in your building in Houston, TX downtown business district and any other sub- business districts in the Houston, TX area.

5. CCTV monitoring

We will monitor your installed CCTV system for your property to actively watch your property for any intruders or trespassers or other criminal elements and will quickly apprehend them and hand them over to the appropriate authorities. We will also monitor your installed Retail Store CCTV system along with two-way radio retail floor present officers to prevent and apprehend any shoplifting suspects, be they employees or customers, and han d them over to the appropriate authorities.