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Heavy Armour Security offers construction site protective services to keep construction projects safe from vandalism while providing material theft deterrence in Houston, TX. Our construction site security guards are trained to observe the signs and provide construction site tampering deterrence, squatting deterrence, trespassing deterrence, and more. Our construction site security patrols add support to our construction site security officers. Securing a construction site requires an understanding of the construction process so our security guards for construction sites know exactly what they are securing at which phase of the construction project’s development. For example, the site will most probably have a set of scaffolding on it. Scaffolding is highly dangerous and should only be used by the workers or those working on site. Scaffold companies like Tiger Scaffolds work very hard to ensure they are built properly and are as safe as they can be to use. Those who do not know about scaffolding dangers like trespassers or problematic youths could seriously hurt themselves and those who are in charge of the site could be held accountable for any injuries due to the compound not being secure. There are many other reasons to invest in construction site security, this is but one. Combining physical security along with updated construction apps, will help provide all-around safety for any construction site.

We provide armed security guard services for construction sites in HOUSTON,TX

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Heavy Armour Security provides Armed Construction Site security in Houston, TX

“Heavy Armour Security are great and both guards are always alert during their sifts. Also, their patrol units are very effective when they come by in their police looking cars. They know members of our local police department and ever since we have hired them there hasn’t been much theft or vandalism.”

Daniel Romero

“I am the project manager and l hire heavy armour security a month ago. We have a guard stationed at the construction site and have a patrol three times every night They have been doing a terrific job every problem we have encountered has been solved by the supervisors.”

Michael Jenkins

“I can definitely say that I’d recommend Heavy Armour Security. The team was critical to us dissecting the issues we were having with our past security company to be able to develop a new security program. Additionally, the teams’ knowledge of security strategies and clear communications was extremely valuable.”

Brian Owens


A change to Heavy Armour Security is a great first step to procuring your high-value security satisfaction. Our experienced Account Management team is ready to lead the way in your transition to better, high-value security services. Each step of the way, we take care of our new customers, anticipating what we know our clients will need together with the details of what our clients have provided us. These are your security interests. You know what you need. Our pre-transition and account setup process is the opportunity for us to get the big picture for your security plan. We want to establish a firm relationship of trust and reliability from the very beginning. This starts with a smooth and efficient transition process.


Our Value

Our prices are based on principal. You get what you pay for. In reality, a security guard gets paid for his time and management gets paid for overhead according to the work they do for you 24-7. Our security guards are specially trained to fit the specific need of your company, so what you pay for is that targeted expertise. When paying the minimal you get minimal attention to your security needs. Heavy Armour Security makes sure you get the most out of your security budget by providing a premium service at a competitive price. A learning curve is costly – wasted time is wasted money – Heavy Armour Security hits the ground running delivering by experience and quality management.