CCTV Security Systems


Take Advantage of our CCTV Monitoring services in Houston, TX

It is impossible to complete your managerial duties and watch the cameras at the same time. Let Heavy Armour Security take some of that weight off your shoulders. We offer CCTV monitoring services in Houston, TX and surrounding cities. Our video surveillance service team has years of experience, so we can protect any store, ware houses, storage facility, institutions of learning of all grades and sizes, office buildings, any enclosed or unenclosed private property and facilities of all kinds including hospitals, institutions of learning from Pre-K to Universities, Private learning Academies, local, state and federal government departments’ buildings and facilities. We strategically position our guards at all youraccess- controlled areas, while others monitor all the cameras, with some on continual patrol as our security tour technology system monitors our guard’s movement and location.

What makes CCTV monitoring essential for your business?

With three guards watching the cameras and more on the floor of your store or on the ground throughout your property, you will have eyes and ears almost everywhere. CCTV monitoring services are a must if you want to: