Basic Security Guard Training

Training program requirements are to complete our accredited security training courses and to pass a written test for each category.

  • S01 – Arrest Procedures for Security Personnel
  • S02 – Pr-24 Baton Certification
  • S03 – Client Relations / Service Attitude
  • S04 – Emergency Preparedness; Earthquake, Fire and Bomb Threats
  • S05 – Fire Arm Permits, State Certification Course
  • S06 – First Aid and CPR Course
  • S07 – Hostage Preparedness
  • S08 – Basic Law for Security Officers
  • S09 – Observation Skills and Reporting
  • S10 – Power to Arrest / Guard Card
  • S11 – Report Writing
  • S12 – Security Patrol Procedures, Introduction
  • S13 – Tear Gas, Mace, Pepper Spray / Permit

  • S14 – Union Strike Preparedness

Security Training Resources

Consistent ongoing training enhances skills and knowledge of security issues and operational procedural changes. Training is usually held for short periods during the day at client-approved training sessions. These sessions keep our security officers up to date with new security strategies, new security policies, and new security laws.

Our security officers have access to a web-based, interactive, and self-paced learning hub. This learning hub allows our security officers to learn the skills they need while at home or at the office. Our web-based learning hub has been integrated into the Security Training Network to give employees access to online security training guides complete with full security study guides and security testing materials. These courses utilize various media to get important security information across. Our security officers are given the opportunity to hone their existing skills while adding new disciplines to their background.